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I didn’t think it was possible but I love you more every day.

Title: 나를 사랑해줘 (Love Me) (feat. Gaeko 개코 Of Dynamic Duo 다이나믹 듀오)
Artist: 서인영 (Seo In Young)
Played: 61187 times


Seo In Young - Love me (ft Gaeko)

to the boys who sang

I found myself a secluded corner to study in at Vari Hall. And no one was in the area at the time, which was great -no distractions. But after a while these two guys came by and started setting up their acoustic guitars in front of me. And I sort of froze because I wasn’t sure what they were doing or if I should leave. One of the guys started to sing and oh my gosh, it was wonderful. The lyrics were witty and romantic, and the chords were perfect.

I finally dared to look up from my netbook and both of them were smiling directly at me. I couldn’t help myself; I had this big smile on my face too. And in that exact moment, the guy sang something about a PRETTY GIRL’S SMILE. And wanting to GET TO KNOW THE GIRL. And about how you could GIVE HIM THIS OR THAT BUT IT WOULDN’T MATTER BECAUSE HE WANTED THE GIRL TO BE HIS.

I could’ve died in that moment. I was so wooed, SO wooed. It was so wonderful and perfect. I sat there and watched them sing a few songs. Finally, I had to leave but I made sure to thank them for giving me the best ending to my day. They were super sweet and thanked me for letting them play for me. Oh gosh.

Title: U Happy (Chambaland Mashup)
Artist: Pharrell x Lady Gaga
Played: 4631 times


Pharrell x Lady Gaga | U Happy (Chambaland Mashup)

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